Global Conference On

Optics, Photonics and Lasers


Venue: Crowne Plaza: Berlin - Potsdamer Platz, Hallesche str 10, Berlin, 10963. August 22, 2024
Invited Speaker
Dr. Manish Chaudhary
Dr. Manish Chaudhary
University of Nottingham

I am a quantum physicist joining for postdoc at University of Nottingham, UK. I have completed my B.Sc. in Physics (2011- 2014) at Delhi University, India. Later, I pursued my Master’s in Physics (2014-2016) at IIT Delhi. I joined Prof. Tim Byrnes’s group at East China Normal University in collaboration with New York University Shanghai Campus to work on quantum computation with cold atomic ensembles and BECs as a graduate student (2019-2023). Throughout the graduation journey, I have worked on different methods to efficiently generate macroscopic entanglement in these systems. My work involves the development of theoretical techniques to analyze robust macroscopic maximally entangled states along with exploring their potential applications in the field of quantum information using spin qubit. I have authored 8 research publications in PRA, PRL and PRR journaals. My research interests include Quantum entanglement in ultra-cold atoms and spin atomic ensembles, many-body physics, quantum optics, spin squeezing, quantum metrology and precision measurements, quantum information theory.

Title of Talk : Atom-Light Interface for Quantum Computation and Information.