Global Conference On

Renewable Energy and Sustainable Development


Paris, France October 17-19, 2024
Invited Speaker
Prof. Pedro Rodrigues Costa
Prof. Pedro Rodrigues Costa
Universidade Lusófona

Pedro Rodrigues Costa is a professor at Universidade Lusófona. He is director of the master's degree in Communication, Networks and Technologies, director's assistant of the Department of Communication and Arts, at the FCAATI - Faculty of Communication, Architecture, Arts and Information Technologies at Universidade Lusófona, responsible for quality, at the same department at Oporto University Centre, and vice-coordinator of the working group on intercultural communication at SOPCOM. He is a researcher at Cicant - Center for Research in Applied Communication, Culture and New Technologies, under the motto “The laws of capturing attention on digital platforms”, namely on digital culture, contemporary culture, hate speech, disinformation and quality of information, climate change in digital networks, online suicide and cyberculture ( Facebook, Tik Tok, Google, YouTube, Twitter, Wikipedia, Netflix and Instagram). He is member of Wikimédia Portugal. He is also vice-coordinator of the Intercultural Communication WG, at SOPCOM, and is Co-PI of the FCT project “Engage for SDG”