Global Conference On

Renewable Energy and Sustainable Development


Paris, France October 17-19, 2024
Scientific Sessions

Wind Energy Applications

Hydropower Applications

Environmental Impact Assessment

Lithium-ion Batteries

Solar Thermal Electricity

Environmental Impacts and Sustainability

Machines and Wind Farms

Small and Micro Scale Hydropower

PV Manufacture, Testing and Certification

Geothermal Heating and Heat Pumps

Biomass Energy

Clean Energy

Sustainable Energy Policies

Carbon Capture, Storage, Utilizations

Biofuel and Alternative Fuel

Sustainability Driven Innovation

Environment Friendly Energy Systems

Hydrogen Energy Technologies

Energy Storage

Wind Resources Environmental Impact

Construction and Design Issues

Solar Cell Technology

PV for Rural Development

Geothermal Applications

Renewable Hadronic Energies

Turbines and Generators

Photovoltaic Technology

Solar Heating and Cooling Systems

Climate Change


Next-Generation Battery Technologies

Electric Vehicles

Circular Economy

Distributed Energy Systems

Smart Grid

Renewable Energy Technologies