Global Conference On

Renewable Energy and Sustainable Development


Paris, France October 17-19, 2024
Invited Speaker
Dr. Poornima Mahadevappa
Dr. Poornima Mahadevappa
Taylor's University

Poornima Mahadevappa is a distinguished researcher and educator specializing in edge computing, cybersecurity, and IoT. With 5 years of research experience, 3.6 years of hands-on IT industry exposure, and 2 years in academia, she brings a rich blend of expertise to her work. Presently, her research endeavours centre around cutting-edge technologies like edge computing, with a focus on integrating edge nodes to support sustainability in cloud infrastructure. Her scholarly pursuits also encompass cybersecurity and IoT, where she explores innovative strategies to address threats and optimize performance in Edge computing based IoT applications. As a Lecturer at Taylor's University, Malaysia, she is dedicated to advancing knowledge and fostering innovation in these pivotal areas, making significant contributions to both academic discourse and technological progress.