Global Conference On

Renewable Energy and Sustainable Development


Paris, France October 17-19, 2024
Invited Speaker
Dr. Feng Shi
Dr. Feng Shi
University in Oregon

Dr. Feng Shi is currently an associate professor in Department of Electrical Engineering and Renewable Energy Engineering (EEREE) at Oregon Institute of Technology (OIT). His research interests lie in dramatically increasing efficiency, substantially decreasing cost, and radically smoothing intermittence of solar energy systems. He has been succeeding in researching and developing ultra-high efficiency photonic crystal solar spectrum splitter based integrated circuitry concentrating photovoltaic systems, extremely low-cost non-tracking non-imaging inflatable solar concentrator based concentrating solar systems, and super-long duration CO2 based solar fuel energy storage systems. His research interests are also extended to hybrid electric motor and hydrogen internal combustion engine vehicles with swappable battery modules and swappable hydrogen tanks. His research interests have been also extended to electromagnetics, photonic and electronic materials and devices, and electric power grid systems.