Global Conference On

Renewable Energy and Sustainable Development


Paris, France October 17-19, 2024
Plenary Speaker
Prof. Kenji Uchino
Prof. Kenji Uchino
The Pennsylvania State University

Kenji Uchino, Pioneer in “piezoelectric actuators”, Academy Professor at The Pennsylvania State University. He was President of Micromechatronics, Inc.and also Navy Ambassador to Japan from US Office of Naval Research. Uchino received Ph. D. degree from Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan, then became Research Associate (1976). He joined Sophia Universityas Associate Professor (1985), then was recruited from The Penn State in 1991. Life Fellow of American Ceramic Society and IEEE, also a recipient of 34 awards, including Japan Ceramics Award from Japan Ceramics Society, Distinguished Lecturer and Ferroelectrics Recognition Award from IEEE UFFC Society, International Ceramic Award from Global Academy of Ceramics. Authored 584 papers, 87 books, 33 patents in the ceramic actuator area, leading to h-index 81.