What is an Oral Presentation?

Oral presentations are forms of effective verbal communication that may be accompanied by slides. It is critical that you do not read your slides as your presentation; slides help you make a point, but do not replace your verbal communication. Presenters should not write out their presentations on slides or itemize all their points on a slide—this detracts from the engagement with the audience. If your head is always turned to your slides or looking down at your laptop, you will not deliver a powerful presentation.

Oral Presentation Guidelines

Your cooperation is appreciated in keeping the meeting on schedule for the benefit of all attendees, so please note the following guidelines:

Types of Oral Presentations

Presentation Type Total Allotted Time

Presentation Type Total Allotted Time
Plenary Talk 40 min Followed by Q&A Session
Keynote Talk 30 min Followed by Q&A Session
Invited Talk 25 min Followed by Q&A Session
Featured Talk 20 min Followed by Q&A Session

**Note: Organizers reserve the right to adjust the talk duration for adjustment in program. A presentation must not start late or extend past the scheduled end time. The language of the presentation is English and all presentations should be made in English

Things To Do Before Presentation at a Conference to Prevent Technical Delays/Issues:

Please follow the guidelines below to make your presentation effective:

Bring your USB device to Speaker Check-in at least 1 hour prior to your talk.

Technicians will assist you in pre-loading your presentation to the networked system.

Authors can present using their own devices.

Bring an extra-copy of your presentation to the conference on a USB media storage device. This copy is to be used as a backup if required.

LCD projectors, Screens, Laser pointers and Microphones are provided;

Make sure the USB media storage device and your presentation file are properly labeled with your name, presentation day, and time.

Send your final presentation via email to the organizing committee by the prescribed deadline.

If you need special arrangements (Different operating system, videos to be displayed etc.,) you should make that known to the organizing committee by the presentation submission deadline.

Please note that the organizing committee will not be held responsible for any technical issues occurring due to late communication.

Speakers who have not sent their presentation data ready in a memory stick in PPT format to the organizing staff/session chair should be ready with their laptop in the session room about 30 minutes before the start time.

Technical assistance will be provided during your presentation. All presentations must run on Windows operating system – a Laptop and the Multimedia Projector will be available. The Microsoft PowerPoint is the recommended software to be used. A SMART pointer will be provided to run your presentation on the screen.